We offer fast and reliable service!

Our delivery service

We have two delivery cars available. We deliver the parts according to your time frame, fast and efficiently.


All our alternators and starters are tested. We can test yours free of charge and if there is no apperant problem, we dissassemble the unit if necessairy. We also test units on the vehicule if needed..


We reserch hard to find problems and will try to help your to the best of our abilities. Most of the problems you encouter are easy for us to solve.

Rebuilt with new parts

We know where the weekness is in each model and we use beefed up parts to overcome the weekness. Units meet or exceed OEM spĂȘcifications. We also sell new aftermarket and OEM units.

We want satisfied customers

We strive to give quality service. If you bring in a unit and it's good, we won't tell you it is not. We will advise you in a way to maximise the life span of the unit.


Technical support

We offer free technical advice and testing. Why spend hours trying to find a problem when we usualy find it within minutes.